revised: Customer process cladding in the Welding & Cutting sector


Change of surface properties


The aim of coating construction components is to create surface properties that the base material does not have. Important characteristics include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Thermal or electrical resistance or conductivity
  • Optical properties

Often it is metals that are coated. Here methods are used whose principles of operation are known from joining technology, such as:

  • Soldering
  • Electric arc welding
  • Shield gas welding,
  • Plasma-powder welding

For heat sensitive or non-metallic components special processes have been developed, such as:

  • Thermal spraying
  • Vacuum-coating
  • Electro- or immersion bath-galvanisation
  • Chrome plating

revised: Application technology cladding in the Welding & Cutting sector


Change of surface properties

Overview of the gases for welding


MAG, MIG, TIG and forming gases

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